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Our sole aim is to see a generation of strong dancers with the right foundation and knowledge. Dancing a style knowing its roots and origin, brings out the authenticity of the style. And it’s a sight to behold! We’re working 24/7 to make a change in the dance scene of Kerala. And when we see someone flourishing as a result of that toil, that’s the ultimate motivation to move forward. To introduce a culture of dance that is authentic in all its sense is what drives us to do what we do. To move with meanings and to provide a space where those meanings have value is what we strive for.

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What makes us different

We’re an organisation administering authentic dance education since 2016. We provide a unique space where dance coaching is available even for international dance styles. Interactive sessions with the pioneers of various dance styles are a part of the curriculum. Our aim is to widen the spectrum of dances styles in Kerala and push the limits of the dance sector in the state. Our space turns amateurs into professionals. We have become the hub of all dance related events and a core part of the dance community in Kerala. We have pushed past several barriers and taken down many stereotypes. With a large following and many supporters, we intend to revolutionize the dance sector of Kerala.

Some Key Points

What you will get

Atmosphere to grow

MMM dance community is a place that acts as a catalyst in your dance journey! Reach your dance goals faster with MMM.

Cyphers & battles

Express yourself fully at cyphers & dance events. Discover your potential.

Workshops by various pioneers

Learn from the creators & pioneers of different dance styles. OGs are the authentic source.

Master various dance styles

Hip-hop, Locking, House, Litefeet, Krump, Waacking, Afro, Contemporary, Bollywood, Semi-classical, Latin

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